[CQ-Contest] Does might make right in contesting?

ragnar otterstad la5he at yahoo.no
Fri Feb 25 18:50:30 EST 2000

> > Is it acceptable for mega-stations to battle it
> out in the "prime"
> > real-estate, and the "meek & weak" should stay the
> hell away? :-)
> The bottom band edges are always filled by the big
> M/Ms, and I don't know how 
> or when the edge position is decided from the
> handful of candidates.  But 
> those frequencies are never open when I get there,
> so I don't sweat it.

Just an observation :  people like K3ZO seems always
to be on their own somewhere high in the band, just
working stations one by one, quietly.

I guess that is what separate the men from the boys !

Good luck in the weekend´s " parrot contest "

73  Rag la5he

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