[CQ-Contest] RE: My Frequency, My Run

Bob Perring n5rp at pdq.net
Fri Feb 25 13:34:12 EST 2000

Maybe we could look at frequency sitting during a contest in these terms:

During a contest, the band is divided up among a few players who line 
up sort of like monkeys behind the vertical bars in a zoo cage.

The lined up monkeys go e-e-e-e-e, (Monkey F1) and every once in a 
while an outsider comes along and throws them a peanut.

All the other monkeys lined up in the front row just behind the bars, 
they keep going e-e-e-e-e until they get a peanut.

Pretty soon, the monkeys in the back row decide they aren't going to 
get any peanuts other than the ones that the front row monkeys 
occasionally drop, so they run up to snitch an occasional dropped 
peanut from the front row moneys when the opportunity presents itself.

This causes the front row monkeys to really go e-e-e-e-e !

After a while, the back row monkeys get a desire for more peanuts, so 
they just go up and edge in beside the front row monkeys.

Now the front row monkeys really go e-e-e-e-e !

After the crowd has died down and gone away, the front row monkeys turn 
around and grumble at the back row monkeys, telling them how what they 
did was "unethical".

The back row monkeys just pass peanut gas up to the front row, and laugh !

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