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I wrote this up a few days ago, re-read it, then deleted it.  I thought this thread would die and didn't need me to keep it going.  But it's still going, so....

Doesn't anyone else see a difference between "trying to steal" or "trying to win" a frequency from another contest entrant and someone engaged in a real qso?

I would have a very difficult time saying who was interfering with whom if I tuned onto a freq and heard two entrants CQ'ing on top of each other.  If stations A is calling CQ CONTEST, does he really have a "right" to that frequency?  Doesn't station B have just as much right to CQ CONTEST on that frequency?  Who is to say that station A is interfering with station B or vice versa?  A CQ is a CQ...it is not a qso.  A "history" of successful CQ's (resulting in a contest qso) doesn't give that station any rights to "own" that frequency.

Again, I say that if Station 2 can out-CQ station 1 as evidenced by successful QSO's, then station 2 "won" the frequency and did NOT steal it from station 1.  This IS a contest.  By CQ'ing, the frequency is up for grabs.

I run QRP often.  I NEVER feel that someone stole "my" fequency...they WON it.  Why is this so hard to understand?

de Doug KR2Q

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