[CQ-Contest] Frequency stealing

K4SB k4sb at mindspring.com
Tue Feb 29 14:50:59 EST 2000

Mark Beckwith wrote:
> The discussion rehashes topics that have been discussed countless times.
> Yes, sometimes the other guy can't hear you very well.  Sometimes you can't
> hear the other guy.  You think 400Hz is okay, he disagrees.  He thinks
> 200Hz is okay, but it wrecks your run.  Yada yada yada.
> My take?  How close you can get is up to you and your own station.  If that
> is too close for the other guy, that's HIS problem, not yours.  He should
> upgrade his skills, receiver and antennas.  Otherwise we are dictated by
> the lowest-common-denominator.  Not good.
> I would like to hear from Tree and Fred, both of whom get the highest
> respect from me, the answer to a simple black-and-white question:
> Is it okay for someone, who knows they have the resources (mental and
> hardware) to easily TAKE a frequency from another station who has a run
> going, to do so on purpose and with intent?

With all due respect, and agreeing entirely with the respect due
Tree and Fred,
why are opinions being solicited from individuals, regardless of
their reputation, on matters that while they may have an opinion,
have absolutely no
weight in regard to the law concerning this.

If you want to solicit an opinion, do so from the FCC. They are
the ones who wrote the law, and only they can interpret it. 

For the life of me, I simply cannot understand why this subject
is being debated when the FCC law is quite clear, and has
recently been defined in clear and
no certain terms by the FCC's enforcement head as blantantly
illegal. And in some cases, has been procecuted with the result
of loss of licences and/or monetary fines. The fact that your
have the "mental and hardware" ( and I question highly whether
the "mental" part belongs there ) suggests only brute force.


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