[CQ-Contest] push around/interference

Bob, N5RP n5rp at pdq.net
Tue Feb 29 09:28:39 EST 2000

At 07:15 2/28/00, owner-cq-contest at contesting.com wrote:

If stations A is calling CQ CONTEST, does he really have a "right" to 
that frequency?  Doesn't station B have just as much right to CQ 
CONTEST on that frequency?  Who is to say that station A is interfering 
with station B or vice versa?  A CQ is a CQ...it is not a qso.  A 
"history" of successful CQ's (resulting in a contest qso) doesn't give 
that station any rights to "own" that frequency.

>Again, I say that if Station 2 can out-CQ station 1 as evidenced by 
>successful QSO's, then station 2 "won" the frequency and did NOT steal 
>it from station 1.  This IS a contest.  By CQ'ing, the frequency is up 
>for grabs.
You make the whole frequency and QSO competition thing sound like a 
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