[CQ-Contest] Frequency stealing

DougKR2Q at aol.com DougKR2Q at aol.com
Tue Feb 29 12:53:25 EST 2000

N5OT wrote:

<<Is it okay for someone, who knows they have the resources (mental and hardware) to easily TAKE a frequency from another station who has a run
 going, to do so on purpose and with intent?>>

This is NOT worded correctly.  Nobody (well, almost) is going to try to TAKE another frequency.  Ask Fred (or others you respect) if they are willing to try to squeeze in somewhere tight where they are fairly confident that their signal will be giving one of the adjacent stations a "hard time."  I think we've already heard the answer.

Or put another way...

Faced with the prospect of "nowhere 'clear' to go," I kinda doubt Fred (or any serious op) is going to throw up his/her hands and say, "Well, no room...guess I'll try another band."

And THAT is the scenario we all face.

de Doug KR2Q

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