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Jon Ogden jono at enteract.com
Tue Feb 29 22:46:07 EST 2000

on 2/29/00 9:46 PM, James P. Cassidy at 107770.3462 at compuserve.com wrote:

> This year in one of the 160m CW tests(Can't remember which one) I was
> operating at W7RM and ran across Jeff N5TJ and worked him, he said he had
> to QRT immediately and let me have the freq.  I ran for about an hour and
> then heard him just off a little running again.  My rate had slowed way
> down so I let him continue.  I don't think he really needed the freq.
> I was really impressed with that courtesy.

You bring up a good point, James.

The good ops will find a spot to operate in without having to clobber
anyone.  The good ops will also be courteous.  Obviously, if I am calling CQ
ad infinitum and no one comes back, you could potentially have a right to
move me off the frequency since either I am not getting out or not doing
something right.  But if I call a QRZ? or CQ in the middle of a run, I AM
working stations and climbing on me would violate the spirit of all the

Good radio ops are courteous to those around them and don't intentionally
interfere or prevent others from operating.  Everyone accepts that in a
contest you will have QRM and that the operating slivers are small.  But the
key is to get as good a radio design, antenna system, etc. that the effects
of the QRM nearby are minimized.  Climbing on someone else isn't included.

I will say that when you have a big signal and you find a sliver, stations
nearby that are weaker generally clear out in a few minutes.  You end up
with quieter band conditions eventually!  I've been on both ends of the
stick here as a little guy and as a big sig.  But the little guys chose to
move as far as I see it.  Their QRM didn't bother me when I was the big sig
because I had a good receiver.  But I didn't zero beat their frequency then
call CQ either.

Oh well...



Jon Ogden



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