[CQ-Contest] YAESU DSP vs. CW Filters

ed.miske at kennametal.com ed.miske at kennametal.com
Mon Jul 3 10:32:55 EDT 2000

I'm strongly considering replacing my TS940 with a 1000MP MARK V.

I'm looking for comments on the operation of the YAESU DSP in a CW contest

I've been running the IRC 400khz filters in my Kenwood for the past several
years and have learned to really like them, (though I think the IRC 400's a
maybe just a little too tight, but that's another story).

It  has been suggested to me that I will not need optional CW filters in
the MP due to the DSP.

My gut tells me that the DSP may be fine in casual operation but I'll
regret not getting the filters when SS CW rolls around.




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