[CQ-Contest] CQ Paris

Vitor Luis Aidar dos Santos py2ny at asbyte.com.br
Mon Jul 3 14:32:28 EDT 2000

Hello friends
We are flying  right now to Slovenia,
for WRTC 2000. After  the competition
we will stay 3 nights  at Paris, from
July 11 to July 14. Will  have  heavy
days, walking around "City of Lights"
and looking for best places to know.
Not sure about the nights, but  maybe
(MAYBE) have a  time  to  know French
contesters, specially at night  (July
12 or 13). We have other things to do
but I don´t know yet!!  Anyway,  will
have my HT turned on while  in hotel,
at 147.520 QRG. Let´s what  the  time
can allow to us!! Sorry  for   my bad
English Redaction.
Let me run now, we still need to   go
to Sao Paulo an take the airplane.
Bye and see you on the air next days,
like S5/PY2NY. Best 73...
PY2NY Vitor and PU2VYT Ana

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