[CQ-Contest] WRTC 2000

L. L. Lamb W4NL-KA4S at inscorp.com
Tue Jul 11 01:19:16 EDT 2000

WRTC 2000.....Super operators and congratulations to all of them.  Also
congratulations to the folks who put it all together...a HUGE logistic

Good operators hear well too!  Because I was running an Elecraft K2 at 10
watts and worked all of the stations.  Yep, I'm very happy about this as it
goes with the 96 clean sweep albeit not QRP then.  

I set out to just have fun and didn't keep track of how many different
stations were being worked...just having fun working 142 QSOs with the WRTC
stations by the end.  SSB and CW on 20 and 15 and 13 QSOs on 40.  Antennas
are the C31XR on 20 and 15 at 100' and a flat top dipole at 80' on 40.   

Signals were relative equal here in East Tennessee overall.  None was
dominating over any other.  Almost without exception all of the ops were
very interested in getting my call correct....and you can bet I was not a
powerhouse, hi.  I'm impressed at their ability to pull me out of that mess.  

So life isn't too short for QRP if this past weekend is an example.  Thanks
to all those helping me have an enjoyable time as it brings back past
memories of my good old days with the PVRC.  

73, lynn W4NL

PS...yep, Rosie KA4S was close by keeping me honest and cheering me
on...good things never change do they? 

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