[CQ-Contest] WRSOC

James B. Neiger Jim_Neiger at XonTech.com
Thu Jul 20 16:05:05 EDT 2000

A BIG dis-incentive to a 48-hour WRSOC is, of course, as to where anyone is
going to find Referees crazy enough to sit and watch another dude operate
for 48-hours!

Which leads me to the following:  as far as I'm concerned, the unsung heroes
of Slovenia are the 53 station referees who made major contributions to the
successes of the Games, making the sometimes hours drives to the sites, and
then sitting there 24 hours watching two other guys having all the fun
operating while ensuring the competition was fair and square.  I think not
enough credit has been directed their way.

Also, Dick Norton, N6AA, has not received the credit he truly deserves for
pulling the very long hours (like all Sunday night) running the logs through
the computer, thusly ensuring a fair adjudication of the event.  Also, Larry
Weaver, N6TW, stayed home in California, collecting logs and sending them to
Dick in Bled.  Thanks Dick and Larry.

 As some of you know, Dick also does the same computer stuff on all the CQ
WW logs, receives minimal credit or thanks from anyone (and alot of static
from the undersigned) and has greatly contributed to the meaningfulness of
CQ WW results today.

(I'd better sign-off before I get all teary-eyed)

                            Vy 73

                                 Jim Neiger

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