[CQ-Contest] Next WRTC (2)

V.Kecman kk at cg.yu
Thu Jul 20 23:19:51 EDT 2000

As a referee, I found that second op was there just to monitor for the
possible mults. However, being not allowed to work the mult he spotted, all
he was supposed to do is to let runner know about the spot,  one way or
another. Some team members were very quick, having mpl guy setting the sub
VFO on the running station, and signalizing when a call is to be placed at
the designated frequency. Others have made notes on a paper, and the rest of
the work was sole responcebility of running op. But, generally, most of
these guys were capable to monitor sub VFO by themselves, while running on
the main one. (At least both of my team members were).  So, the TEAM was
more like a single guy with one hand more. Some referees noted that in
several cases one team member was advantageous to the other. Therefore,
WRSOC has some merit, and I would not be against it.

BUT, for a real challenge, OH1RY suggested that TEAM gets a tribander in
box, and rolls of wire and coax, several hours before the test, and a lonely
tower on the site... :-)

73 KeLe, YT3T, YU1AO
WRTC2K ref to WC4E/W0UA

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