[CQ-Contest] reply to: A badly needed WRTC event

Robert Shohet kq2m at mags.net
Fri Jul 21 18:07:22 EDT 2000

After some thought I realized that the event that N0AX  proposed was =
just too easy.

Here is what I believe would be a "true" test of skill, dexterity, =
endurance, mental stamina & strategy and I would DEFINITELY pay to see =
others compete in this event!


Connecticut hilltop on an uneven, hilly, rock ledge with six inches of =
snow on a typically cloudy day with a 30 MPH wind (and gusts to 40 MPH) =
, temp about 18 F (-10 C).

Competitors may compete by themselves or as a two man team  (WRTC or =

Competitors can choose their own clothes, footware, slingshot, bow & =
arrow, baseball etc.

Sponsors will provide the 53' tree (perpendicular to the prevailing wind =
of course) , wire antenna, fishing line and rope (new line and rope cut =
to the same lengths for everyone)  and gloves (competitors need to =
provide their hand size (S, M, L, XL) and lead fishing sinkers.    =
Sponsors will also provide hot beverages and MRE's during the contest =
period. =20

Contest is to put up a wire antenna a minimum of 50' within the =
specified time limit of four hours.
The ends of the erected antenna must maintain a minimum height of 50' =
accounting for a minimum pull from the ground of 50 pounds/inch constant =
pressure.  Failure to erect the antenna within four hours, quitting, or =
breaking of the antenna in frustration or by accident results in =
disqualification.  Breaking of the fishing line or rope results in a 5 =
minute penalty and a fine of $5.00 for each break.

For each foot less than 50', a 10 minute time penalty is assessed.  =
Peeing on the property is assessed a one hour penalty per incident.  =
Yelling and swearing, while allowed under the rules, is not encouraged.  =
Yelling and swearing at the sponsors and/or judges is grounds for =

Use of ladders, bucket trucks, helicopters, birds and trained squirrels =
are not permitted.   Competitiors may not receive help, advice or =
encouragement from anyone or anything during the contest period. =20

Tripping over buried rocks, frost heaves and/or broken tree limbs, or =
slipping and/or falling on snow and wet leaves is just tough luck and =
injuries resulting from same will not be considered in determining the =
final results.

The individual or team that puts up the antenna a minimum of 50' (as =
measured from the ground to the height of the rope in the tree) in the =
least amount of time, will be declared the winner of WRTC
(that's World Radiosport Tree Competition).  =20

Photographers, journalists and spectators from all parts of the world =
are welcome.


Bob KQ2M

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