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Fri Jul 21 10:18:16 EDT 2000

I agree that you can't assume that the frequency is going to be vacated for
a QSY.  Most of these aggressive guys are running 2 radios, which means
they'll QSY with the second radio.

When this happens to me, I'll hear someone trying to take the "old freq"
and tell them it's in use immediately.  Sometimes it'll take several
minutes for someone to QSY, so I'll just keep using the old one til I hear
them call in on the QSY frequency.  Then I pop my call in and work them
quick on the QSY freq, and you'd hardly know it happened on the original

So my opinion is if you hear someone saying their QSYing, ask if it's in
use right after they do.  If there is no response, the frequency is yours
(if you can hold it :) ).  But to just assume that it's going to be vacated
is nothing but rude.

73, Ty K3MM

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> Dave, I run SO2R for every contest - and from that
> perspective, I agree with what you have said.  I'd
> shorten that time down to about 30 seconds.  If you
> leave to work a mult and can't make it back within 30
> seconds to reclaim your run freq. then you (I?) run
> the risk of losing it.

30 seconds?  That's still way, way too long.  Hold your breath and see how
long it is.  If I'm S&P'ing my way up (or down) the band, come to a clear
spot and, after a time period long enough for an unheard station to send
it's exchange, I still don't hear anything, I'll ask QRL?  If I get no
response, the frequency is mine.

Now, bearing in mind that I'm QRP, it's going to be no great shakes for
someone to come back to 'his' frequency to resume operations and run me
I fully expect it.  However, I would think The Amateur's Code (check page
vii of the ARRL Handbook for Radio Amateurs) would preclude that type of

I'll be darned if, on finding a clear spot, I'm going to hang out for 30
seconds WAITING to see if someone comes back to call CQ on it.  If it ain't
being used, it's open.

>  I am CQing, work someone, then
> quickly arrange to have them QSY to another band.
> Immediately, someone hears this and starts calling
> CQ on my frequency (tries to take it).

To my way of thinking (you got an intimation of that, above), if you have
some guy QSY to another band and you don't continue to call CQ on the
original frequency, then it's open.

Now, I'd probably do the same thing (call CQ) but only after a couple of
seconds to make sure you were gone AND I'd likely send QRL? just to make

dale, kg5u

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