[CQ-Contest] Bad practices identified

Chuck Lewis clewis1 at hiwaay.net
Fri Jul 21 14:35:38 EDT 2000

Bob Perring wrote, in discussing FCC rules during contests:

> I don't ever recall seeing lane stripes on a racetrack.
> Cars, Horses, or Front Row Monkeys.

Interesting analogy...but it's been a long time since anyone set up
(legally)  a Start/Finish line on a road concurrently used for public
thoroughfare! Well, maybe a few rallies, like the African Safari (do they
still do that one?)
Closed-course road races can be run with a unique set of rules...
Are you proposing that we close a few segments of the spectrum for contests?
Kewl! <grin>

Chuck, N4NM

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