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Mon Jul 24 17:34:20 EDT 2000

Hmmm...  Guess (what I thought was) my secret is out.  I hardly ever QRL
a freq.  As was posted here earlier, I wait till someone else does it for
me, then I reply with an R and take over.   

Another alternative method which works for me is to simply call the
station (a few times, QRQ of course..) that is suspected of being "out to
lunch" on their run freq. (listen WELL to make sure first!).  Most of the
time, I get an answer, usually by someone other than the runner, wanting
to work me.  Soliciting contacts without CQing....  Good way to elbow in.
 I know I have snagged many mults this way, by answering their call to
another station who does not reply (I don't park-N-CQ on these freqs.

Of course there are situations where this is not appropriate (ie
pileups), you have to use common sense, but if the op is THERE he will
answer you, tell you to QSY, QSO B4, or something. 

Blake M. Meinecke,    N4GI
MEMBER:  Univeristy of Central Florida Amateur Radio Club, Florida
Contest Group, WWYC #36, UCF Alumni Contest Club

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