[CQ-Contest] SO2R Sound mixer

Chris Hurlbut wl7ky at gci.net
Tue Jul 25 13:28:06 EDT 2000

Hi all,
I'll be in CA during NAQP CW and will be trying SO2R for the first time. =
 So, yes, I'll be one of those lids that doesn't know what he's doing =
and will make everyone mad.  So what... I have to start somewhere.  If =
you really think I'm that bad, don't work me.  I'm tired of hearing =
everyone gripe about SO2R... get over it already!!!
Does anyone have plans for a good SO2R audio mixer?  I built one that =
has 3 positions:  Radio 1 in both ears, Radio 2 in both ears, and both =
radio in both ears.  Both radios in both ears is really hard to get =
figured out in my head, so I am trying to get left radio in left ear, =
right radio in right ear.  However with the switch etc that I have, I =
can't figure out how to do it.  Does anyone have plans for a switch box =
that will do that?
-Chris KL9A (ex WL7KY)
kl9a at qsl.net

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