[CQ-Contest] SO2R Sound mixer

Andy Faber andrew.faber at gte.net
Tue Jul 25 18:44:35 EDT 2000

To Chris and others,
  Re two radio switching, I built a fairly simple device that works for me.
I can email a schematic to anyone who may want it.
  It starts with a little box made by Dunestar that is designed to switch
headphones, and which allows left, right, stereo, or variable mix.  I
mounted a small paddle switch on top of the box, an RCA jack for a switching
signal from the computer, and two indicator lights for left and right.  From
the back of the box I run a cable to a homebrew box full of Radio Shack
parts, including 8 poles of relay switching.  This is set up so that with
12v. power off, everything is connected to the left radio, but flicking the
switch (or pressing F9 on my logging software) switches to the right radio.
The relay box, which can be mounted on the back of the table out of sight,
switches:  CW paddle, keyboard/straight key (for tune-up), mike (both hot
and floating ground leads), and PTT (two inputs, one from computer and one
from footswitch). It also switches a control signal back to the Dunestar box
to light the appropriate indicator light.
  This doesn't help with amp or antenna switching, but does a nice job with
the radios.
  73, andy, ae6y

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