[CQ-Contest] Clear Frequency?

Allan and Bridget dxcc at dbtech.net
Wed Jul 26 09:28:06 EDT 2000

I think the issue here is the best means of finding a frequency (the phrase
"clear frequency" being relative) and not being a total jerk.  I loved the
way K3ZO talked about the freedom of bandwidth; I need to copy it down and
memorize it the next time a net (rag chewer, poor op, etc.) comes on and
tells me they've got too much QRM from my calls a few KCs down.  Stealing a
frequency might be a fact of life in contesting, but it doesn't mean that
I'm going to think very highly of the op doing so if he does so knowing the
frequency is in use.  I think many of us have shared frequencies with those
who kept a separate beam heading.

You are completely right in saying that sometimes you have more power in
knowing that a frequency fight is probably more his loss than yours, but
it's still frustrating.

I think that this is a conversation with regards to technique; how best to
achieve an end.  If we were to sit and talk about how immoral these
contesters were, wouldn't it be the "pot calling the kettle black" (I hope
that's not just a southern US saying)?     I can also say that I've had the
worst problems with frequency stealing and belly aching during the course of
an average day away from a contest...so I don't put the blame on contesters,
but more with those that don't understand what you've summarized so well
with your 3 points you mentioned in your e-mail:
"1 - I am strong into that target area
2 - They are not as good an operator as I am
3 - I am worrying them. If I keep going they will probably give up first
(I am assuming I know my signal is clean)."

Anyway, it's nice to hear I'm not the only one who refuses to cede a
frequency for those who need 3 KHz to be able to hear themselves think
(again, I'll refer to Fred's idea of bandwidth freedom...).  It's also nice
to see someone with so much experience be able to let the frequency fights
roll off his back as part of the natural course.   I'm afraid I sometimes
fall into Shakespeare's idea of a woman scorned...there's at least one
fellow who I HOPE needs AL in a contest in which he doesn't happen to hear
K4AB or K4WI...because he won't be in my log again.  ;-)

My 1$ worth...
Bridget, KS4YT :0)
dxcc at dbtech.net

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