[CQ-Contest] Multipliers in IARU Contest

yo3ctk at qsl.net yo3ctk at qsl.net
Mon Jul 31 15:15:25 EDT 2000

Hi everybody,

I'm taking care of the log for YR0HQ (Romanian HQ) for this year's IARU
contest. I've found an interesting situation for which I would very much
appreciate your opinions:

The Monaco HQ 3A2K has given during the contest ARM as a control, the
same as ER7HQ (the Moldavian HQ). Unfortunately, CT is counting just one
time this multiplier on each band. Shouldn't be actually TWO
multipliers, from two different HQ ? And if yes, is it advisable to
manually modify the log accordingly ? The reason I ask is because the
penalty incurred if the organizer decides otherwise is larger than the
gain of one multiplier.

Speaking of multipliers, I have also noticed that PT2HF gave R2IAR as a
multiplier, whereas all other IARU officials were giving R1, R2, R3 or
AC, according to the rules of the contest. In that case, that multiplier
should be left as it is or should it be corrected ? By the way, I recall
a discussion here some time ago concerning logging controls as received.
In case of IARU, logging zones as AA (11) AS RECEIVED would introduce a
bonanza of new multipliers. So perhaps the advocates of "logging as
received" are wrong after all.

I'm not trying to gain an unfair advantage (we are nowhere near the 20M
QSO posted by DA0HQ), just to minimize possible penalty points. And
besides, my two examples raise some interesting theoretical questions
concerning rule interpretation. The fact is that the log evaluation
process is somewhat unclear (to me at least). Thank you all.

73 de Mike, YO3CTK

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