[CQ-Contest] Field day no-coders?

Ed Sleight k4sb at mindspring.com
Thu Jun 1 15:15:52 EDT 2000

"Roland A. Anders" wrote:
> There is no question about it, you can't do it!  FD Rule 4.1.1 states "This
> station may only be operated by Novice/Technician Plus licensees."

This is not strictly true. The station may be operated by ANYONE, even
someone without a license, as long as a CONTROL operator is present with
the required operating license. But leaving the "no coder" alone is a
definite NO.

So, in essence, Roland is correct, although there is an exception. Field
day rules do not override FCC rules.

As for setting up, anyone or anything may be used. No license
requirements at all. At our field day setup some years ago..we used to
use a crane to lift the tower and antenna up. But of course, the
assembly of the tower was done after the start of the test. Which took
about 3 minutes with about 10 guys on the job.

Tommy's site also had a fairly large lake. And his son, who was a bow
and arrow hunter, would shoot a line over the lake for the wire
antennas. It's awesome to see an arrow cross 900 feet of water.

GL to all


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