[CQ-Contest] Field day no-coders?

Robert Naumann n5nj at gte.net
Thu Jun 1 12:08:25 EDT 2000

"Roland A. Anders" wrote:
> There is no question about it, you can't do it!  FD Rule 4.1.1 states
"This station may only be operated by Novice/Technician Plus licensees."

I believe the intent here is that these Novice & Tech types actually do the
operating - not the experienced Extras etc. that could do much better than
those who might abide by the rule.

This station, because of it's supposed inexperience level, does not count in
the number of transmitters that a Field Day operation has.  It's a
"freebie".   If the regular operators were going to operate it, then it is
in essence just another transmitter and should increment the entry class by

My understanding has always been that this station, as Rol quotes, must be
operated only by Novices/Techs.  FCC control operator rules have nothing to
do with this.  This is Field Day Rules which are more restrictive than the
FCC rules in this case.

Bob N5NJ

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