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I can't help feeling that we're trying to compartmentalise (sorry - pigeon
hole) the event rather than the operator's efforts. It's the operator who
wins, not the radios. So if the operator wishes to use 5 radios, it's still
him who gets the certificate. So he's a 'single-op'. I get more annoyed at
the thought that some single op somewhere might have someone helping him,
but not actually operating. Now that's not single op, no matter how many
radios he juggled! (I'm not suggesting that anyone does that, or that it
contravenes the rules - I don't want to start another thread!).

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My modest point of view is that there's no need to create a new category. I
agree with John, people using two radios have a clear advantage, but the
effectiveness depends on the operator's skills, not on the second radio
Thus a second radio can have a negative effect if you are not used to this
Speaking of entry classes....
I guess internet availability has expanded world wide. With cell phones and
so on, you can even acces the web from farm locations. I believe The single
op class should not separate entries in packet cluster assisted and
non-assisted anymore.
I've been observing certaing cases over the last two  CQ WW and some claimed
single op. entries show more multipliers worked than even the best
multi-multi in a given band. I guess this entry was an assisted one. So why
to allow the possibility of cheating when we can eliminate it.
Allow packet spotting for everybody in the single op and you'll eliminate a
good amount of cheatters, you'll save a lot of space with less top ten, top
six boxes, and the space you save can be dedicated to attracting newcomers
and youngsters to contesting. I'd like to hear your comments.
Martin, LW9EUJ

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