[CQ-Contest] SO2R a separate category?

Michael S. Mitchell w6rw at earthlink.net
Fri Jun 2 00:00:03 EDT 2000

I have been following this thread with great interest......it coincides
with some research that I have been doing on the history of the CQWW DX
Contest......I am sure that a very similar discussion to this one took
place in the mid 1950s.......

In the early days in the CQWW there were 2 categories.....Single
Operator and Multi Operator.....then in 1957 Roger Mace and his crew at
W6RW became the first to break the one million point mark in the
CQWW...they came in number one in the world in the multi operator
category with 1,171,088 points....CN8IF came in second with 773,640
points......the article in CQ Magazine credited the win to the fact that
the crew at W6RW were running 4 transmitters at the same time....this is
the first time in the history of the CQWW that the article ever
discussed the use of more than one transmitter at a time..

In 1958, Buzz Reeves and the crew at K2GL won the world in the Multi
Operator Category with 2,009,280 points with W6YMD (operating from W6RW
QTH) coming in number 2 in the world with 1,376,725. Once again the
article attributes these 2 big scores to the operation of 4 or more
transmitters at the same time, and the article said "It has been
suggested that we re-classify the multi-operator Section. Perhaps divide
it into two divisions, single transmitter and multi-transmitter." (The
article also asks K2GL the following...."Is it true, Buzz, next year you
are installing an electronic computer to keep score?")

In 1959, the CQWW DX Contest had 2 Multi-Operator sections.....Single
Transmitter and Multi-Transmitter.......

The current rules of the CQWW (which is my favorite contest) allow a
multi-operator "single" transmitter category to use one radio for
running and a second radio for multipliers........how is that different
from a single op using one radio for running and one radio for

Just my 2 cents worth (and thats about all its worth)

73 de Mike/W6RW

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