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J.P. Kleinhaus JKleinhaus at cyberstaff.com
Fri Jun 2 10:31:40 EDT 2000

Will is right.

I've done both one radio and two radio single op'ing, and it is
just that...a skill to be mastered.  Some can, some can't, but in
truth, 80% of the benefit of the second radio can be realized
by using a barefoot transceiver and a multi-band vertical.

Yes, many of the stations I've done 2-radio at are bigger than
that, but recently, N2TX and I have been having success in SO2R
with his small(ish) station where the second antenna is simply
a Gap in the very back of his residential lot.

It's skill, not equipment that makes the difference in that category.

Who's ready for the stacks vs. single antenna class?  Oh, we already
have that in WPX...please leave the nebulous "level the playing field"
argument out of CQWW etc.



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