[CQ-Contest] S02R? leave it alone...

KI9A at aol.com KI9A at aol.com
Sun Jun 4 11:26:28 EDT 2000

I've been reading the so2r thresd with interest....my opinion is this-leave 
it alone!
Yeah, maybe the guy across town does make more Q's with 2 radio's than I do 
with only 1.
But hell, the guy with a 100' tower & a large tribander will kick the snot 
out of me with a small tribander at 25'....should we make even more classes 
for antenna heights?  Maybe rig types ( 781's & 1000D's vs 706's & old 
drakes?) ??
C'mon guys, someone mentioned earlier that a win in a class with only a 
handful for guys is not nearly as satisfying as one with many in it.  At what 
point do we stop creating new classes?  

73/Chuck KI9A

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