[CQ-Contest] HG1S in CQ WPX CW 2000

rw1ac rw1ac at mail.wplus.net
Mon Jun 5 08:16:18 EDT 2000

We are in a very bad mood after the CQ WPX CW Contest. It's not because
RU1A showed not high score, quite the opposite - we think we did pretty
well, being able to make 3904 QSOs and 923 mult with a total of 7,8 M
 points  testing our new antennas and some of new equipment.
But we would like to point your attention to a non-stop and continuos
cheating of HG1S which (as far as we could see) was in M/S caregory in this
Contest. As you know in the WPX contests, only one transmitter is
allowed during a 10 minute period in the multi single class.  No muliplier
hunting or running on a second band is allowed.
 Another operator can check propagation on another band or may try
 to work station on the the same band when "run" station is
listening (if equipment and antennas permit, of course).

So this is a short story about some of the tricks of "great" and
"legendary" HG1S.

04:50 utc (Saturday). While checking propagation on 15 m, we hear HG1S
running JAs  with a good Q-rate. They just gave #680 to somebody. OK, we
diecide to change the "run" band from 20m to 15m,
 but still have to stay for a couple of minutes on 20 meters
  make few QSOs  S&P before moving to 15,  and guess what?
 First station we found was... yes, HG1S, running on  20 meters!
 We quckly call them and they give us # 721 (!!!). Our # to them
was 581.  It was at 04:55 utc.
 Two minutes  later we call them on 15 meters (04:57utc)  and
 they give us #697!!! Our # is 585.
 We tried to ask them what's going on, but the operator
pretends he doesn't understand us...

Cool, it's 21st century, century of new technologies and Internet, but
 these  guys look like being in 70th or 80th....
some comments from cluster:
27 May dj7aa-7 (0504Z) : hg1s same procedure as every year dont warry
27 May rk3qwa (0501Z) : HG1S 2 sigs 21/14 MHz 25QSO/3 min !!!   

Well, carry on. At the end of the Contest we hear HG1S again on 40 meters.
They mostly call CQ (at 20:45 utc), nobody answers them, they make 1 QSO in
2-3 minutes. Well, why waste your time when there's great propagation to
the US on 20 meters? Interesting...
Well, we continue to listen to them... At 20:48 UTC they give number 3843
and suddenly stop calling and the freq seems to be free for about a
minute... Then HG1S suddenly appears on the same frequency again and starts
to call CQ TEST. LO-O-O-NG CQ TEST. :-)
At 20:50 they make a contact a give  a  number... 3860!!! Just about 1
minute later after thier # 3843!
Well, at this time it made us pissed off and we call them. He, of course, 
gives us "RU1A QSO B4".
We ask them WHERE are UR  17 QSOs ? BREAK RULES  etc...
HG1S disappears from this freq, but later on we heard them again working in
the same manner...
We decided not to work HG1S anymore, no calls, no replies,if situation
 change. The other  decisions are up to CQ WPX Contest Committee.

A few months ago in ContestRU reflector I doubted in HG1S' SOAB HA1TJ CQWW
 result. Same story, folks. That time I  said -  more than 11 Meg points in
 by Single operator are impossible from HA (EU). Today they are cheating

Vlad, RW1AC   on behalf of RU1A contest team
EU Wildcard team #2 UT4UZ/RW1AC
RUDXC LOG checker 

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