[CQ-Contest] HG1S CW WPX

Victor Loginov ua2fm at gazinter.net
Mon Jun 5 23:09:58 EDT 2000

Hi Contesters,

A few years ago we decided to go for M/M. But this year we tried CW WPX M/S
again. I'm not surprised with RW1AC' story. I met a lot of such tricks
during my contest age of 32.

I just want to drop a few notes on the HG1S subject. I believe each word
Vlad says. We had the same feelings when we were loosing to HG1S=HG73DX,
working honestly. We also had the same talks with HA guys years ago during
contests begging them for fair play. Proud silence was the reply. Looks like
you play against HA team, at least against HA1 team, HI. Strange, they are
really loud in every part of the world. I noticed that during my /MM
travels. They have one of the loudest sigs on 160/80/40 from EU, and can win
contests without any tricks and lies. But nothing has changed since those
times, in their minds too. Vlad's story is the evidence. Is there anybody in
Contest Committees to stop them? At least I hope for N8BJQ' reply.

Many years ago I read an article of John K1AR in CQ. The main thought of it
was the motivations to win $45 piece of wood for a price of ones conscience
and dirty name afterwards. Looks like they don't read CQ at HG1S. Perhaps
they will ignore our complaints on the Internet too? May be we should
sponsor new trophy, say "Rubber Clocks"?, to stop such guys?

Hi guys from HG1S. You and me, and ALL contesters know what you are doing.
You have to remember you are not alone on the globe, and a lot of ears
listen to what you are doing, and they are abused with your ingnoring the
rest of contesters.

With the best regards to all HONESTcontesters,

73, Victor UA2FM, from RW2F/RK2FWA crew.
ua2fm at gazinter.net
tel +7-0112-325900

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