[CQ-Contest] IARU Strategy

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Tue Jun 6 00:23:27 EDT 2000

For several years I operated the IARU from W1AW. While now offsite I haven't 
gotten involved as health hasn't let me put in long stints any more.

I am looking at sitting in for the IARU this year as a Single Op Phone entry. 
This is a completely different type of entry strategy wise from the multi-op, 
multi-transmitter operations of a headquarters society.

The station will have pretty decent antennas on all bands from 10-160. It has 
placed #1 USA before in IARU. Except for having to redo the 40 meter antenna 
all will be the same as before. Back then the idea was to just follow 
MiniProp on openings to EU and VK's.

Any tips from those willing to share single op IARU experiences from the East 
Coast USA would be appreciated.

  73, Bob Reed W2CE

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