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Bruce Sawyer n6nt at ynn.com
Tue Jun 6 08:52:39 EDT 2000

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> If I could make a plea to all the ops out there who use cut numbers:
>                         *** Please Don't! ***
Just like SO2R, this thread always seems to pop up about this time of year.
It seems to be part of the ritual of WPX.  Most of the US people seem sorely
opposed to cut numbers, whereas the Europeans seem to like them.  Frankly, I
don't see the big deal.  I can take it either way.

What I do object to, though, is the business of changing CW speed in the
middle of a message.  To me, it's just plain liddish.  It always causes my
heartbeat to skip a step when somebody does that to me, because as soon as I
hear "5NN" coming about 10wpm faster than I was expecting there is then some
part of my brain that kicks in automatically and says, "Stand by...I need to
resynch!"  Then just as that hunk of neurons has resynched on the faster
speed, back comes a serial number about 15 wpm slower than I was expecting.
Then the same thing happens all over again.  Drives me nuts!  I don't know
why, but the eastern Europeans seem to think it's really cool to do this
stuff.  I always get my revenge, though.  Whenever anybody does this to me,
I make sure to manually send a RST that is anything but 5NN, just so they'll
have to slow down and log it manually.  (Nah, they probably don't log
it...and the log checkers probably aren't willing to waste their time
checking sent vs. received signal reports...but I at least like to think
I've thrown sand in their gears after the scare they caused me.)

Bruce, N6NT

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