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> The two radio (or more) operator has a tremendous TIME
>  advantage over the course of a contest, literally HOURS more spent 
>  than the one radio guy.  That is the part of the playing field that needs
>  leveling.

Get the second radio going, gain the tremendous advantage and beat the 
suckers in their own game! 
Or you wanna go back to straight key, single 807 and Windom? 
The playing field is leveled enough. What really needs fixing is the illegal 
power, rotten signals, continental point advantage, packet use by single OP 
and HG1S type "clever" schemes of cheating. Lets do something about that, and 
when done, then we can go and create zilions of categories to suit everyone.

Yuri, VE3BMV/ 5el., "unfairly" beaten by Euros with stacks

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