[CQ-Contest] Can't We All Get Along

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Tue Jun 6 18:09:51 EDT 2000

I will take responsibility for starting this thread with a post on the WF1B 
RTTY reflector, quoting from N2HOS Newsletter, "Jim's Gazette," regarding the 
discussion and voting on establishing a "single operator/multiple radio" 
category at the RTTY forum in Dayton.  What has been lost in most of the 
discussion, is that I never attempted to discourage or eliminate the use of 
multiple radio's in contesting.  I only attempted to separate those using 
multiple radio's from the same category as those using a single radio.  I 
admire, but don't envy, those using multiple radio's, but have neither the 
desire or capability to do so. 
Many have taken this as an infringement on their right to do as they please, 
as long as they are within the rules.  At this point they are within the 
rules!  There have been many references to "enforcement" of this rule change 
proposal, and I don't believe that there is any more of an "enforcement" 
problem with this than there is with "hi/low power" enforcement. Electronic 
submission of logs makes it no longer necessary to "sign" the summary sheet, 
and by not having to "sign" the summary has the "personal touch" of integrity 
been lost? I have been in this game long enough to know that a "level playing 
field" is about as impossible as putting toothpaste back in the tube!  I have 
seen reference to automobile racing, I even made one about the 24 hours of 
Daytona where different classes of cars race together, but race against only 
those in their class.  
I have seen this discussion deteriorate almost to the point that I have 
forgotten the original reason for the discussion.  As one of our fellow 
competitors pointed out: "opinions are like a part of our anatomy, we all 
have one", and while I may not agree with them, I respect the right of all to 
express them!  
I have chosen to express my desires not only to the Great Lakes Division
Director, Great Lakes Assistant Director and ARRL Contest Director,
where I hope some sincere discussion, not only among them, but the 
entire contest community will take place.  I propose that, instead of 
continuing this discussion in an area where many are not in the least 
interested, that all follow suit and make their wishes know to their 
respective Division, and Assistant Division Directors!
Contrary to the beliefs of some, this is still a democracy, and I strongly 
feel that the wishes of the majority should be adhered to, whether or not I 
am part of that majority!
I certainly am not sorry that I started this discussion, as it is something
that I feel very strongly about.  I am only sorry that it has deteriorated
into some of the, IMHO, unnecessary "flamings"!
Shelby, K4WW

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