[CQ-Contest] Efficiency is the name o' the game

Bill Turner w7ti at jps.net
Wed Jun 7 11:01:05 EDT 2000

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From: Scott Robbins <w4pa at yahoo.com

> But Bill - you're missing the fundamental point of
> what contesting is.  Contesting is not working
> stations and multipliers, it's all about racing the
> clock and operating efficiency!  When I compete in a
> contest, I am not competing against any of the other
> hams who are operating the contest.


If this were true (it's not) why do they list scores in descending order?
Why not just randomly?  Or not list them at all?  After all, you know your
own score, don't you?  The heart of contesting is a competition between
stations, not competition against oneself.  Do you really think the K1ARs,
KC1XXs, W3LPLs and K3ZOs of the world are competing only against
themselves???  Get real, Scott.

And that's not to say competition against one's self is wrong... I do it
every contest, comparing my last year's score with how I'm doing in this
contest.  I check last year's score many times during a contest, and that's
fun too, but when it's all over, I want to know how I stack up against the
other guys.  I've never won nationally and probably never will, but I have
won my section a few times and the 7th call area once ('94 RTTY Roundup as
W7LZP) and it was a great adrenaline rush.  So if I get beat fair and
square, fine.  I just don't like the idea of having such a great handicap
before the contest even begins.  And PLEASE don't tell me to get a second
radio - I have operated two-radio and didn't care for it.  Personally, I
think one-radio requires the greater skill, mainly in propagation knowledge
and strategy.  The two-radio station doesn't need to worry about band
openings and closings, since he'll catch them almost automatically.  The
one-radio guy is constantly thinking about it.  To me, it's more exciting,
but if to you it isn't, that's ok too.  Just let's have the scores posted
separately.  That's all I ask.

Bill, W7TI

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