[CQ-Contest] Field day no-coders?

Henderson, Dan N1ND dhenderson at arrl.org
Thu Jun 8 08:38:18 EDT 2000

Hi All:

I am sorry for the delay in responding, as I have been out of the office at
a Convention and there was a death in the family while I was gone.

To clarify the rule...

The novice / tech plus station must use a callsign of a novice or tech plus
operator and may only operate on frequencies permissible for that licensee.
A novice/ tech plus must be the control operator.  Anyone with a General
Class license or higher may not operate that station.  No-code technicians
or those without a license may participate under the control operator but
may not have a free hand in operaing:  there must be a novice/tech plus
control operator.

GOod luck with FD2000.


Dan Henderson, N1ND
ARRL Contest Branch Manager

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