[CQ-Contest] 1999 Collegiate Championship Results

Kenneth E. Harker kharker at cs.utexas.edu
Thu Jun 8 11:10:19 EDT 2000

      The official results of the 1999 North American Collegiate ARC 
Championship radio contest are in!  Stanford University W6YX becomes the 
fifth different university club to win the combined (phone and CW) category 
of the Collegiate Championship in the six years in which it has been held! 
W6YX was most impressive in CW, with one of only two "clean sweeps" made on 
that mode by college or university clubs, and the only QSO total over 1,000. 
In second place, defending champion Caltech W6UE continues to be a 
formidable challenger.  Caltech has finished in the top three spots for four 
years in a row.  Third place combined this year went to the University of 
Arkansas W5YM, up from a sixth-place combined finish in the 1998 contest.  
W5YM had an outstanding CW effort that helped push them into the top ranks 
for the first time. 


       On CW, five colleges/universities won their ARRL section.  On phone,
eight won their section, six made Regional Top Five boxes, two won their 
Divisions, and two made the Multioperator Top Ten box!

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