[CQ-Contest] Station upgrades---Update

Chris Blakely chrisb at waveinter.com
Sat Jun 10 17:45:53 EDT 2000

    First let me thank all of the people that have answered my inquiry.
I've received 50 replys to date and by far the biggest number of
recommendations is to spend my bucks on the antenna system followed by
buying a used radio.
    Second let me further describe my station.
        1: TS 4430S
        2: TA33jr @ 10m  mounted on the end of my house.
        3:  Wire dipoles for lower bands.
        4:  R7000 vertical (40m-10m) not yet installed.
        5:  Large lot in a state that has passed a PRB-1 type law last year
        6:  Yaesu FL2100B (600W) which I have not had a chance to put thru
its paces yet as until recently was a Tech+ and did my contesting on 10m.
        7:  20' of Rohn 25 on a concrete pad which has a AR-10 10m vertical
on it at this time.

    Third I will say that my passions in Ham Radio are DXing and Contesting
#1, followed by rag chewing and VHF operating.

    The vast majority of responses involved either a new antenna (Force 12
C3 or C4 models the most mentioned)or a used older one with no traps if
possible.  The next was to raise my antenna/ tower up so as to get at least
60-70 feet of antenna height. Th biggest problem with putting up more tower
is that my wife and I are planning on possibly moving in a couple of years
(1.5 -- 2) and I'm not sure the investment would be worth it.
    My idea was to maybe add another section , or if I'm lucky 2 sections,
to the existing tower sections to get away from the effects of the house
directly the antenna.  With the mast it would get the antenna up to about
50'.   At the same time I would add a support to the end of the house so I
could raise the feed points to the wires.

    The second largest group of choices was to upgrade my rig but not with
one of the newer ones that I had mentioned previously but with a quality
newer older rig.  The most recommended was the TS850S/AT (with Inrad
filters), followed by the FT 1000MP, IC765, TS940 and FT900.  I really like
this idea as I still could invest in better antennas and possibly (?) and
better receiver.

    Again thanks to all who answered and gave me their input.

Chris Blakely
chrisb at waveinter.com

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