[CQ-Contest] WRTC Publicity - Propagation and Call Signs for Local Club Meetings

Barry Merrill w5gn at concentric.com
Mon Jun 12 11:04:51 EDT 2000

Could I suggest that contestors print and take this table of
propagation and callsigns to their local (non-contest) club
meeting this month and especially the first week of July,
to get all of these new HF hams on the air that weekend to
provide QSOs for the WRTC contestors:

  Have your signals heard in Slovenia, Europe, July 8-9, during WRTC!

Get on the air Sat-Sun July 8-9, and be a Good Neighbor, by making QSOs
in the World Radiosport Team Championship.  Fifty-three stations, all in
Slovenia, but operated by two-ham teams from around the world, will be
operating for 24 hours, and they will be looking for you on 80-10 meters
on CW and SSB, so please work them all!     Try these bands/times first:
 Sunrise in S5: 03:26UTC  Sunset 18:48UTC      G = Good  P = Possible

GMT       EDT             W1           W0           W5           W6
July 8, 2000          40 20 15 10  40 20 15 10  40 20 15 10  40 20 15 10
1200Z  Sat  8- 9am           P            P
1300Z  Sat  9-10am           P  P         P
1400Z  Sat 10-11am           P  P         P  P         P  P         P  P
1500Z  Sat 11-12am           P  P         P  P         G  P         G  P
1600Z  Sat 12-13pm           G  P         G  P         G  P         G  P
1700Z  Sat 13-14pm           G  P         G  P         G  P         G  P
1800Z  Sat 14-15pm        P  G  P         G  P         G  P         G  P
1900Z  Sat 15-16pm        P  G  P         G  P         G  P         G  P
2000Z  Sat 16-17pm        P  G  P      P  G  P         G  P         G  P
2100Z  Sat 17-18pm        P  G         P  G            G            G
2200Z  Sat 18-19pm        G  G         G  G         P  G            G
2300Z  Sat 19-20pm        G  G         G  G         P  G            G
2400Z  Sat 20-21pm     P  G  G         G  G         P  G            G
0100Z  Sat 21-22pm     G  G  G      P  G  G      P  G  G         P  G
0200Z  Sat 22-23pm     G  G  G      G  G  G      G  G  G         G  G
0300Z  Sat 23-00pm     G  G  G      G  G  G      G  G  G      P  G  G
0400Z  Sun 00-01am     P  G  P      P  P  P      P  G  G      P  G  G
0500Z  Sun 01-02am     P  G  P      P  P  P      P  G  G         G  G
0600Z  Sun 02-03am     P  G  P      P  P  P      P  G  G         P  P
0700Z  Sun 03-04am        P            P  P         P            P  P
0800Z  Sun 04-05am        P            P  P         P               P
0900Z  Sun 05-06am                                                  P
1000Z  Sun 06-07am
1100Z  Sun 07-08am   WRTC Contest ends at 1200Z on July 9, 2000.

WRTC rules:
  Work each station on each mode (CW and SSB) on each band.
  Your exchange is signal report and your ITU Zone, which is:
    06 (WA,OR,CA,NV,ID, and MT UT AZ that is west of 110W Longitude.
    07 (ND,SD,NE,WY,CO,NM,TX,OK,KS,IA,MN and UT AZ East of 110W,
        and MI,MT,IL,MO,AK,TN,MS,LA,WS that is west of 90W)
        and MI,IL,MO,AK,MS,TN,LA,WS that is east of 90W).

CALL SIGNS:  These are the call signs of the WRTC stations to work:
      S511E S521H S531R S541F S561C S571W S581I
      S512T S522R S532N S542B S562P S572L S582A     but you can also QSO
      S513A S523W S533G S543C S563X S573O S583D     any station anywhere
      S514U S524G S534J S544Z S564Q S574V S584M     who is in the IARU
      S516M S526O S536P S546Q S566Z S576K S586U     contest that is held
      S517W S527K S537L S547B S567F S577V S587N     concurrent with WRTC
      S518N S528D S538F S548X S568Y S578R S588S
      S519I S529A S539D S549L  (QSLs to S59L).

More info at WRTC2000 homepage:   http://wrtc2000.bit.si/
Propagation forecast by S59AA          Text/format/blame to W5GN at mxg.com

Merrilly yours,
Barry Merrill, W5GN
w5gn at mxg.com
Merrill Consultants
Dallas, TEXAS
214 351 1966

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