[CQ-Contest] Plaques and awards for working special S5 WRTC stations

Robert, S57AW s57aw at bit.si
Tue Jun 27 01:09:41 EDT 2000

               WRTC 2000 in IARU HF Championship
    Plaques and awards for working special S5 WRTC stations

WRTC  2000 takes part during the IARU HF Championship.   There
would be 53 stations with special callsigns S511A-S588Z.  Each
QSO  counts 1 point regardless of band or mode.  Multi op. and
Single op. stations compete together for the awards while IARU
HQ stations would be rated separately.

T-shirt will be awarded to all stations with more than 80 (DX,
EU-160) points.

Plaques  and awards will be given to the stations with highest
number of points:

       1.place                              2. and 3. place
WW    plaque + award            diploma + award
EU    plaque + award              diploma + award
NA    plaque + award              diploma + award
SA    plaque + award              diploma + award
AS    plaque + award              diploma + award
AF    plaque + award              diploma + award
OC    plaque + award              diploma + award
S5    diploma + award             diploma + award
USA   diploma + award           diploma + award
JA    diploma + award             diploma + award
HQ    diploma + award            diploma + award

Special acknowledgements and practical awards will be given to
the following stations:

-    Worked All WRTC Stations - MIXED
-    Worked All WRTC Stations - CW
-    Worked All WRTC Stations - SSB
-    Worked All WRTC Stations - Single Band

Each  station may compete in only one of the above  categories
under #3.

Checklog  (email  or disk) should be send to  WRTC  Organizing
Comitee until August 15th, 2000.

Stations  emailing whole IARU HF Championship  log  not  later
than  9th  July 2000 23:59 UTC would be automatically included
in the competition for above awards.  These logs would be used
for  crosschecking.   The  Internet email  address  is:  wrtc-
logs at s5.net or scc at bit.si .

73 de Robert, S57AW
WRTC 2000 

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