[CQ-Contest] T93Y WEB Site updated

Boris Knezovic T93Y t93y at lsinter.net
Fri Jun 30 00:26:38 EDT 2000

Hi all !

Just want to let you know that my WEB site at http://www.qsl.net/t93y is 
updated with some 45 Dayton 2000 pictures, pictures of Bosnia and 
Herzegovina stamp and envelope commemorating 50 years since first HAM QSO 
and 6 pages DXCC list in PDF format.

There is some space left for WRTC pictures if I manage to get there...

Boris T93Y
Boris Knezovic T93Y                  E-mail : bknezovi at utic.net.ba
p.o. box 59                                   t93y at qsl.net
Sarajevo, BA-71000                   Packet : T93Y at T90BOX.SAR.BIH.EU
Bosnia and Herzegovina             WEB Page : http://www.qsl.net/t93y

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