[CQ-Contest] Re: [wrtc2000 0261] WRTC2000 FAQs No.1

John Loftus John_Loftus at vettweb.net.au
Wed Mar 1 09:32:24 EST 2000

Hello Robert,

Thanks for the answers to the first round of FAQ's.

I carefully noted that:

(a) "Thunderstorms frequently develop all over Slovenia in July. If it
happens, you'll have to pull the switch, or risk getting fried!"

(b) ".... all teams are expected to manually unscrew one coax, and then
on the other."

(c) .... the manual screw/unscrew rule could be changed if we can find a way
to provide 53 identical antenna switches.

Clearly, we could be facing a real safety hazard to operators and equipment.

In this environment, there is likely to be a high risk of electrical charge
build-up on the antennas. Such a charge would be enough to blow the radio
switching diodes, or give the unlucky operator more than a big fright while
hanging on to the unearthed PL259 connector.

I would be pleased to contribute towards a WRTC2000 professional R&D effort
to produce 53 identical (safe) antenna switches. The design could include a
high impedance resistor to bleed the static charge build-up. The expected
cost of this insurance policy would be a small fraction of what my team will
be spending to travel from Australia to Europe.

Do we have a manufacturer prepared to take on the challenge and the


John Loftus

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