[CQ-Contest] Re: Frequency stealing

Jan.E.Holm at telia.se Jan.E.Holm at telia.se
Wed Mar 1 08:06:17 EST 2000

     Sometimes it´s so hard to find a frequency during a major
     contest that it might tage 5 minutes or so do do it. Might
     have to ask if the frequency is occupied at 25 - 30 spots 
     before getting to a place where nobody responds. Since
     I know that I have a big signal (at least on a few bands) I
     like to play it as safe as possible, still it will happen that
     I step on somebody.
     What really burns me up is the pigheaded attitude that quite
     a few hams demonstrate these days, why not try to get
     along nicley instead of trying to crush each other.

     73, Jim SM2EKM

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