[CQ-Contest] Russian DX Contest 2000

Igor Booklan ra3auu at cityline.ru
Wed Mar 1 22:34:33 EST 2000

Russian DX Contest 2000

Russian DX Contest is one of the fast-growing contests. Started just 5
years ago with just 200 participants and 500 QSO in 24 hours for a
winning station it reached a level of 2500 participants with 2400 Qs for
the leader.

RDXC is supported by some popular contest programs like TR, SuperDuper.
We have our own FREE software written by UA1AAF to run the contest.
You'll be able to download it from www.qsl.ru/rdxc.

We also hope that such monsters like CT and WriteLog will add us into
their lists. 

Come and join us at the 3rd weekend of March and try your skills before
WPX SSB … but win here first!!!

HAMs worldwide are invited to participate in RUSSIAN DX CONTEST -

12 UTC 18 March - 12 UTC 19 March 2000 
The 3d full weekend of March is fixed for this contest

1,8 - 28 MHz (no WARC bands)

CW and SSB

A - Single Op All Bands - separately MIXED, CW, SSB;
A100 - Single Op 100 watts All Bands - separately MIXED, CW, SSB;
B - Single Op Single Band (MIXED) separately 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10 m
C - Multi Ops All Bands single TX (MIXED);
E - Club competition (Russian stations ONLY)

Single Operator participants can change bands with no restrictions. Only
one signal can be transmitted at any given time.

Multi Single stations can only use 1 (one) transmitter and only change
bands using "10 minutes" rule. Exception: One and only one other band
can be used during any 10 minute period if and only if the station
picked up a new multiplier.

The same station may be worked on other band or even on same band (but
in this case with two restrictions - use another mode and do it not
earlier than in 10 minutes after the previous QSO). 

RS(T) + QSO number starting with 001. 
Russian stations - RS(T) + two letters - oblast designator

QSO points for none-Russian participants:

QSO within own DXCC country - 2 points
Another country on same continent - 3 points
Other continent - 5 points
Contacts with Russian stations - 10 points for all participants. 

Each DXCC country and each Russian oblast give 1 point for multiplier on
each band. 

Sum of QSO points from all bands multiplied by sum of multiplier points
from all bands. 

Electronic logs:	
Electronic logs should be preferably submitted by E-mail to:
RusDXC at contesting.com or within 45 days on floppy disks to: Russian DX
Contest, P. O. Box 59, 105122 Moscow, Russia in ONLY TXT files using
UA1AAF, K1EA, N6TR, K8CC, EI5DI, WriteLog and any ASCII format files.
Any TXT formats can be used. E-mail reception of your logs will be
confirmed within 48 hours. The file's name should contain a call sign of
participant (yourcall.all and yourcall.sum). The log can be shown either
by bands or time. Each QSO must contain callsign, time, band, RS(RST),
QSO number (abbreviation) sent and received (even for check logs).

Using electronic logs for high score participants is mandatory

Summary sheet must include callsign, entry, number of QSOs, multipliers
and QSO points by band and altogether. 

Paper logs:
The use of the separate sheet for each band is necessary. Duplicate QSOs
must be clearly shown. Each QSO must contain time, callsign, band,
RS(RST), QSO number (abbreviation) sent and received (even for check
logs). The summary sheet page must contain callsign, participant's name,
full mailing address, entry, number of QSOs, multipliers and QSO points
by band and altogether, final score. 

Paper log must be sent within 45 days to: Russian DX Contest, P. O. Box
59, 105122 Moscow, Russia 

Entries to be awarded trophies:

WORLD trophy entries:

1. Single Op All Bands MIXED World - RA3AUU		
2. Single Op All Bands CW World - RM6A Contest Club
3. Single Op All Bands SSB World - RADIO magazine
4. Single Op 100 watts All Bands MIXED World - RA3AUU
5. Single Op 100 watts All Bands CW World - UA6LV
6. Single Op 100 watts All Bands SSB World - RU3DX
7. Multi Single All Bands World - Russian Contest Club

North America:

8. Single Op All Bands MIXED North America - UA2FB

European Russia trophy entries:

9. Single Op All Bands MIXED EUR - RW2F contest club	
10. Single Op All Bands CW EUR - UA1DZ memorial
11. Single Op All Bands SSB EUR - Russian Robinzon Club
12. Multi Single All Bands EUR - UA2FZ	

Asiatic Russia trophy entries:

13. Single Op All Bands MIXED ASR - UA3AB
14. Single Op All Bands CW ASR - RN6BY	
15. Single Op All Bands SSB ASR - RN6BY	
16. Multi Single All Bands ASR - RU1A Contest Club

17. Team competition (Russia ONLY) - Russian Contest Club

Winners of other entries and runners up will be awarded certificates. 

Russian stations and European participants of entries A, A100, C, B14
abd B21 made over 500 QSOs and entries B28, B7, B3,5 and B1,8 made over
200 QSOs will receive certificates of the merit. Other participants will
get this award logging over 250 QSOs. 

Oblast's list:

1A,B	St. Petersburg			SP
1C,D	Leningradskaya obl.		LO
1N	Karelia				KL
1O	Arkhangelskaya obl.		AR
1P	Nenetsky AO			NO
1Q	Vologodskaya obl.		VO
1T	Novgorodskaya obl.		NV
1W	Pskovskaya obl.			PS
1Z	Murmanskaya obl.		MU
2F	Kaliningradskaya obl.		KA
3A,B	Moscow city			MA
3D,F	Moskovskaya obl.		MO
3E	Orlovskaya obl.			OR
3G	Lipetskaya obl.			LP
3I	Tverskaya obl.			TV
3L	Smolenskaya obl.		SM
3M	Yaroslavskaya obl.		JA
3N	Kostromskaya obl.		KS
3P	Tulskaya obl.			TL
3Q	Voronezhskaya obl.		VR
3R	Tambovskaya obl.		TB
3S	Ryazanskaya obl.		RA
3T	Nizhegorodskaya obl.		NN
3U	Ivanovskaya obl.		IV
3V	Vladimirskaya obl.		VL
3W	Kurskaya obl.			KU
3X	Kaluzhskaya obl.		KG
3Y	Bryanskaya obl.			BR
3Z	Belgorodskaya obl.		BO
4A	Volgogradskaya obl. 		VG
4C	Saratovskaya obl.		SA
4F	Penzenskaya obl.		PE
4H	Samarskaya obl.			SR
4L	Ulyanovskaya obl.		UL
4N	Kirovskaya obl.			KI
4P	Tatarstan			TA
4S	Mary-El				MR
4U	Mordoviya			MD
4W	Udmurtiya			UD
4Y	Chuvashiya			CU
6A,B	Krasnodarskiy kray		KR
6E	Karachaevo-Cherkess		KC
6H,F	Stavropolsky kray		ST
6I	Kalmykiya			KM
6J	Severnaya Osetiya		SO
6L,M	Rostovskaya obl.		RO
6P	Chechnya			CN
6Q	Ingushetiya			IN
6U	Astrakhanskaya obl.		AO
6W	Dagestan			DA
6X	Kabardino-Balkariya		KB
6Y	Adygeya				AD
8T	Ust-Ordynsky Buryat.AO		UO
8V	Aginsky Buryatsky AO		AB
9A,B	Chelyabinskaya obl. 		CB
9C,D	Sverdlovskaya obl. 		SV
9F	Permskaya obl.			PM
9G	Komi-Permyatsky AO 		KP
9H	Tomskaya obl.			TO
9J	Hanty-Mansiysky AO 		HM
9K	Yamalo-Nenetsky AO		JN
9L	Tyumenskaya obl.		TN
9M	Omskaya obl.	 		OM
9O	Novosibirskaya obl.		NS
9Q,R	Kurganskaya obl. 		KN
9S	Orenburgskaya obl.		OB
9U	Kemerovskaya obl. 		KE
9W	Bashkortostan			BA
9X	Komi				KO
9Y	Altaysky kray			AL
9Z	Gorno-Altayskaya AO		GA
0A	Krasnoyarsky kray		KK
0B	Taymyrsky AO			TM
0C	Habarovsky kray			HK
0D	Evreyskaya obl.			EA
0F	Sakhalinskaya obl.		SL
0H	Evenkiyskiy AO			EW
0I	Magadanskaya obl.		MG
0J	Amurskaya obl. 			AM
0K	Chukotsky AO			CK
0L	Primorsky kray			PK
0O	Buryatiya			BU
0Q	Saha 				YA
0S	Irkutskaya obl.			IR
0U	Chitinskaya obl.		CT
0W	Hakassiya			HA
0X	Koryaksky AO			KJ
0Y	Tuva				TU
0Z	Kamchatskaya obl.		KT
R1AN	Antarctica			AN
R1FJ	Franz Josef Land		FJ
R1MV	Malyj Vysotskij Isl		MV

73s, Harry RA3AUU
RDXC committee

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