[CQ-Contest] weighing worth of OPINIONS

DougKR2Q at aol.com DougKR2Q at aol.com
Wed Mar 1 21:30:49 EST 2000


After reading the very varied comments on Stealing/Winning a frequency, I am 
forced to wonder why.  Such wondering caused me to feel the need to explore 
the background of each person making a post on the topic.  Just who were 
they?  Who were the contesters and who were not the contesters?  Just because 
someone SAYS they know what they are talking about doesn't really mean they 
do.  We've all been there before.

I won't name any calls, but here is some of what I found by searching around:

1.  One commenter appears to have submitted a log in only two contests...in 
one he had around 500 qso's (ARRL DX) and the other he had SEVEN qso's 
(Spartan Sprint).  He had a long, long diatribe about Know Code 
International, and his call showed up as a member of a college ARC.  Plus, I 
never heard of him.

2.  Some other guy's claim to fame seems to be having a dipole at 100' 
(1995), and membership in the No List Lizard Club.  I found NOTHING about any 
contest score from him anywhere!

Both of them took the "ethical" side of contesting...showing shock and 
amazement that someone might somehow QRM someone else.

3.  Other guys have tons of entries in many contests, are cited as ICONS of 
superior contesting, are doing log checking for the ARRL, etc.  Somehow, they 
seem to come out on the other side.

Does this tell you anything?  It tells me something.  But please, don't take 
my word for it.  Look up the commenters yourself...it's easy.  You decide who 
is talking from experience and who is not.

de Doug KR2Q

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