[CQ-Contest] Audio hum

Mike Wetzel w9re at worldnet.att.net
Fri Mar 3 13:13:08 EST 2000

Just a reminder that the TS-930 (and probably the 940) utilizes an isolated
ground for the mic connection.  I think that it is isolated inside the radio
with an inductor to ground.  What I had to do when switching mic's for SO2R
was to isolate and switch the grounds and not let them come in any contact
with any other ground.  As a side note, I'm now using Icom radios and just
this last week I thought I would install a simple PB switch to switch the
hot from my mic between 2 radios, bad hum!  So I went back to the relay
method of switching hot and ground that I had incorporated for my 930's.

73-Mike W9RE

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