[CQ-Contest] Re: weighing worth of OPINIONS

Brakob, Hans Hans_Brakob at adc.com
Mon Mar 6 12:31:25 EST 2000

Eric June wrote:

> Silly me, I guess it was childhood naivete that caused me to 
> take the sportsmanship I learned in competitive athletics and 
> bring it into ham radio contesting.


The connection between "sportsmanship" and "contesting" is often
lost on this forum (and on the air), but interestingly I find 
that my longtime heroes (K3ZO and W0AIH come to mind, among others) 
*DO*  observe that connection.  The Young Turks with a 
"stomp-'em-into-the-mud-by-any-means" attitude tend to flash 
across the radiosport sky and disappear while the real "stars"
continue to shine for decades.

By the way, I like that term -- "radiosport" -- perhaps if we 
used it deliberately in place of "contesting", it would serve to
strengthen the idea of sportsmanship in our radio tournaments.

In another of my hobbies, fishing, there are also competitive
tournaments with "big guns" and "QRP'ers" and even "non-contesters"
sharing the same water "spectrum".  In those contests, if a "big 
gun" tries to steal the spot being used by *ANY* other fisherman
(participant or not), they are DQ'd on the spot.

73, Hans, K0HB

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