[CQ-Contest] Re: weighing worth of OPINIONS

Ron D. Rossi rrossi at btv.ibm.com
Mon Mar 6 14:18:06 EST 2000

>>>"Brakob, Hans" said:
> By the way, I like that term -- "radiosport" -- perhaps if we 

Me too.

> used it deliberately in place of "contesting", it would serve to
> strengthen the idea of sportsmanship in our radio tournaments.
> In another of my hobbies, fishing, there are also competitive
> tournaments with "big guns" and "QRP'ers" and even "non-contesters"
> sharing the same water "spectrum".  In those contests, if a "big 
> gun" tries to steal the spot being used by *ANY* other fisherman
> (participant or not), they are DQ'd on the spot.

Yeah but the status of a particular fisherman does not reduce his visibilty to 
the "big gun". I worked a few 1 and 10 watt stations over the weekend, rest 
assured that they were not very "visible"! It is funny how when I took the 
time to work them was when I had to defend the frequency the most. It must 
have sounded relatively quiet to a passerby at that time.

When the band background level is S9+10 and a spot is available at S7 with no 
discernable particular signal for 5 seconds...guess what...sounds available to 
me with a "KK1L contest" as a QRL! I worked a lot of 100 watters on a freq 
like that. I will move (and did often) if I notice someone was really there. 
Unsportsman like? Nope. The only way to find a freq this past weekend? Yup.

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