[CQ-Contest] Learned a lesson - frequency stealing

Geovincent at aol.com Geovincent at aol.com
Mon Mar 6 15:39:02 EST 2000

I am certainly not a "big gun" station albeit an avid contester. I have an 
A-3 on a 42 ft tower for 10-15-20-40m and a G5RV for 80m. I finally found a 
spot at 28.952 and ran over 100 QSOs and later found a spot on 15m in between 
some others, but as far as I know I wasn't bothering them and they were not 
bothering me and ran another 100 QSOs.  In several instances other stations 
tried to move me off by transmitting on "my" frequency but I just held my 
ground and keep making QSOs and they finally got the picture and realized 
they couldn't run me off.

Why do I bother to relate this you might ask? Prior to this contest I always 
just S&P and never called CQ, but thanks to all the discussion I read on this 
reflector about frequency stealing, I got brave and tried something different 
and all I can say is that I am glad I did. My score went up, my number of 
QSOs went up and my number of multipliers went up. I WILL NO LONGER BE 
INTIMIDATED BY THE "BIG GUNS." I can't remember when I had so much fun in a 

TNX ES 73,
George KF3BE

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