[CQ-Contest] What's BUSTED ?

Bill Coleman AA4LR aa4lr at radio.org
Mon Mar 6 16:19:45 EST 2000

On 3/6/00 4:00 PM, N1EU at n1eu at yahoo.com wrote:

>If busted spots go uncorrected, the unwilling
>participant ends up being the dx station at the other
>end greeted by 100 callers on frequency who think
>they're trying to work a new mult and he has to sit
>there and tell each one "worked before".

Why can't we just teach people to LISTEN more carefully before calling? 
If you don't know what the DX callsign is on a packet spot, DO NOT CALL.

>Also a good reason for dx to give their callsign more
>often . . .

I'm no longer afraid to ask a DX station for his callsign, if he doesn't 
sign at least once / QSO. ( This applies for S & P, not packet spots )

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