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Having spent a full weekend listening to a multitude of LOUSY signals in
the ARRL SSB contest I am inclined to say that this reflector is on a
mission impossible. Things are getting worse no matter how much we 
the percentage of regulation of screen supplies or how linear a 4CX1000K
can be.

People spend thousands of dollars buying equipment, including amplifiers
but they can't even set the knobs right on the radios to make them sound
good !
Many, many of the "top" US stations were more than 10kc wide, 
overmodulating to an extent I haven't heard before. Some of the DVK's 
producing square wave..

Checking the web pages out shows these stations run FT1000MP's, 
TS-950's, Alpha's, Henry's, you name it. 

Funny thing is, if you tell someone that he is splattering he has a
scope(!!) that shows a perfectly clean signal... :-) Sure !

Can't someone start a "knobs" reflector where transmitter settings can 
debated in detail ? 
Rich, will you join ?

/Peter SM2CEW

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