[CQ-Contest] M-Prefix

Richard Gelber RGelber at compuserve.com
Tue Mar 7 21:13:10 EST 2000

Mauri I4JMY said:

>If the exchanghed is a1bcd/m the logged call has definitely to include 
the /m suffix.

By the way the country problem do not exist since, according with ITU, 
the "M" alone is not a country prefix.<

I can't address what the ITU may or may not have said, but our licenses are
issued by countries, not by the ITU.  "M" definitely is a country prefix. 
Reciprocal licenses issued by the U.K. licensing authority for operation in
England carry the "M" prefix (for example, "M/W1XXX") have have done so
since 1996.

Note that I am NOT referring to CEPT privileges, although this may well
apply to that too; I just don't have the prefix list handy.  I am referring
to actual license documents issued by the U.K., which show a specific
callsign to be used.

Rich, K2WR / MJ0AWR

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